Hertz Energy ES 300.5 – 12″ Subwoofer, 350W RMS, 92 dB

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The Hertz Energy.5 subwoofers offer a dynamic bass and are capable of outstanding SPL never achieved in this category of the market. The introduction of the V-cone® technology had a big impact in the efficiency of the ES.5 subwoofers, also improving cone stiffness and reducing the weight of the moving assembly, allowing a higher strength voice coil for a higher peak power handling. The implementation of the surround and spider geometry, as well as the selection of the materials used, contributed to achieving unmatched mechanical and thus acoustical linearity. This, combined with a drastic reduction of the Vas, provides the ability to achieve high undistorted SPL output in even small enclosures. The Hertz Energy.5 subwoofers are the perfect choice for solid, powerful bass in perfect harmony with improved vehicle integration.


Portet: 45 liter, 4″ port med lengde 22 cm.



Singel 4 Ohm, Dual 4 Ohm


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