Sundown Audio SA-2.75FR – 20wrms (PAR)

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The SA-2.75FR is a direct factory replacement for 2.75″ speakers often found in the dash location of Chrysler and many other new vehicles.

It is a full-range driver and features a built-in crossover capacitor to block frequencies below 200Hz for systems where external crossovers are not available (OEM replacements). The motor is a Neo based design utilizing split-gap technology for reduced distortion. The cone is the same wool-filled paper as the SA component set topped off with an aluminum dust-cap to increase high-end extension. The surround is an inverted rubber design to assist in off-axis response.

The SA-2.75FR is rated for 20-watts of RMS power based on a strenuous 8-hour test. Our custom tooled 2.75″ frame features a vented spider plateau to help keep the voice coil cool. This power handling is increased by using a high-pass crossover.

RMS Power: 20-Watts per Side


Vekt 0.6 kg
Dimensjoner 27 x 10.5 x 6 cm


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