Sundown Audio SA-6.5SW – 200w RMS

1,199.00 kr

Specifications SA‐6.5SWD2 SA‐6.5SWD4
RE (ohms) 4 7,1
FS (Hz) 48,9 51,8
Vas (L) 4,1 3,6
Qes 0.50 0,54
Qms 4,82 4,65
Qts 0,46 0,49
Le (mH) 1.69 2,45
BL (NA) 13.5 17,9
Mms (Grams) 74,6 75,6
Cms (uM/N) 0,14 0,12
Sens (1w/1m) 81,6 81,5
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The SA-6.5SW was created to achieve extremely high performance at less than 4” of mounting depth (3.8” to be precise). Rest assured that even with the limited depth the SA-6.5SW lives up to the reputation of the SA series! These little guys will take a beating in TINY ported enclosures. Our customers have been in love with the incredible performance per dollar since their launch in 2017.

As with several other lines (SLD and SD-4 notably) we used a solid-pole design. This allows the back-plate to rest against the back wall of the enclosure. This further reduces effective depth requirements for this woofer. Shallow depth aside this unit has a full 10mm one-way linear excursion and an x-mech in excess of double that! So there is almost no concern about bottoming out the coil. We also borrowed the hyper-extended pole technique from our larger lines to help prevent coil damage from exiting the gap forward. Furthermore; we even included a magnet ID faraday ring to keep inductive distortions in check!

RMS Power: 200-watts
Coil: 1.5” Diameter Copper Windings w/ Black Aluminum Former
X-Max: 10mm one-way by 70% BL
Magnet ID Faraday Ring
Solid Pole w/ Vent Channels


Vekt 3.6 kg
Dimensjoner 24 x 24 x 18 cm

Dual 2 Ohm, Dual 4 Ohm


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